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Gerber merge



  • Boss .

    Once you get to producing Gerbers that is an output report and can no longer be used within DSPCB.

    I recall someone successfully using a free Gerber Merge utility, so suggest a search.

  • Jayx .

    You can merge several DesignSpark PCB designs into one and then generate gerbers. Simply copy and paste designs you merge. The only problem with this is that component numbers will be updated, so let's say if you have component called R1 on two PCBs you merge, one will stay R1, the other one will be changed to the next available number, say R2. In reality it will only affect PCB silkscreen, there is a way around but require some extra work.

    I've requested a new feature of disable automatic number updates, if you like it click yes (arrow up) to vote for it here:

  • Woo Jun Kim

    Thank you for your comments.

    It seems that there are some but not so many free software for this job, gerbmerge, gerberpanelizer...

    Also, according to internet search, KiCad seems to be capable of doing this by appending boards.

    Needless to say, it would be best to work with all-in-one tool.

    But I doubt it about the DesignSpark because Jayx's post is quite old, but nothing happened.

  • Jayx .

    I was talking about merging designs *before* generating Gerbers. I wouldn’t expect to see any Gerber merge capabilities added to the DesignSpark PCB editor. I don't think it's available even in expensive PCB design software like Altium or Mentor Graphics, because merging Gerbers is normally done by PCB manufacturers not designers.


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