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Silk Screen Text



  • Carry Stevev

    Hi David 

    You can add a copper pour area with your text inside the area.

    Is that what you are looking for?


  • RadSolution

    Not sure...

    if you mean adding a blob of copper behind the painted txt, then no. But see below*

    if you mean pouring 'copper' (paint really) around the text, then deleting the text, yes.

    I'll give that a try later. Thanks

    *Adding a blob of copper behind text idents on solder resist layers is a trick I've used for donkey's years....

  • DesignSpark PCB

    Hello David, I have checked with the developers and this is not supported. There may be work around solution as above or others you can explore. 

    Poring copper around 'copper' text did not work in my tests as the text characters are bounded by the area that contains the characters.

    'Negative' fonts may also be an option directly on the silkscreen layer, but I did not find any normal characters.

    For a simple symbol you may be able to generate a silkscreen negative using the shape tools provided. But obviously will be time consuming for text characters.

    The above is approx. 3.75mm square.

    If you find a usable solution please post the outcome.

  • RadSolution

    The SomeShin font here might have uses:


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