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Dangling tracks



  • RadSolution

    The DRC also found dangling tracks of zero length on my current design ;-(

  • stephen prust

    Some are a pain to deleted as they hide within the area of a pad, have to move the component/pad to stretch teh track and then delete.

    Right pain!

  • Boss .

    I helped the support team on this issue and unfortunately couldn't help as I don't have this issue occur for some reason!

    I suggest raising a ticket and sending your design file so they can investigate.

    Some questions I asked while investigating are:
    Was the grid set extra fine so the DT could occur within the pad?
    Do the DT's occur in other areas of the board or always within a pad?
    Was the segment mode in any specific e.g. free, mitre etc.,

    So it would be worth trying to give as much detail as possible.

    @David, this is probably due to the resolution settings and the DT is less than the resolution set and rounds down to zero.

    @Stephen and DT within a pad can be ignored as it will be in the 'hole' or the area of the copper pad. You can check this by examining the Gerber's in a viewer.

    Having been part of the beta testers for V8.1 I can say that I still do not experience any issues, have you found it with any specific version and is it a new experience or something you have always experienced with multiple versions?

    That just triggered a memory I did have some dangling tracks possibly in V6 which for me I tracked down to a faulty mouse which seemed to be dropping tracks (DT's) at the terminating pad end of the track, possibly 'bounce' in a worn left mouse button, but a new mouse solved the issue for me, can you try a different mouse and check for changes in DT's?

    @Philip, I like your suggestion to have a delete DT's option or an automatic removal of when they occur within a copper area which is obviously the same net.



  • RadSolution

    I got DTs when setting the grid to 0.1" and quarter-grid, and routing to a component which was designed using a metric grid (1mm). Not sure if that helps....

  • DesignSpark PCB

    As mentioned this is an ongoing area of investigation and we would appreciate your assistance to attempt to identify why some users experience this issue.

    Can you send a design via a support ticket with no more than 4 components routed together on no more than 2 layers, with a step-by-step instruction on how to create DTs? 

    We require as much detail as possible of each step in order to try to replicate the experience. A video capture if available will also assist us.

    Thank you - Support Team.



  • Geoff Williams

    Maybe an option like "Order" used in drawing and other programs where the item can be sent back/backwards or moved front/forward, in this case we would want it moved to the front of any other image that hides the DT. Then either be able to globally delete them or individually select deletions.


  • Brad Levy

    An easier solution might be a Select Related Item(s) command on the context menu of items on the list of errors in the Interaction Bar, somewhat similar to the Select Found Item command already on that menu.

    When Goto > Error is the current list in the interaction bar, right-clicking on an error in the list and choosing the Select Found Item command currently selects the Error (message + callout line) in the schematic window. Choosing Select Related Item(s) would instead select the dangling track itself. You could then just press delete if you wanted to delete the dangling track.

    Select Related Items would also make it easier to see which items are involved in specific spacing violations, selecting both of the items that are too close together.

    The command could also be useful for other of the DRC error items.



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