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Edit pinout table for second package of a component



  • Boss .

    I don't recommend doing that even if it is possible. DSPCB has each component defined as one sch and one pcb symbol plus mapping and part numbers. As you are aware you need two footprints and different mapping, so just create two components with names that match the package as used by the manufacturer. This will keep the design correct and produce the correct BOM.

    To save time you might find each component is available from PPL and using Library Loader will be in your design in a few clicks.

  • Carry Stevev

    Hi Giorgio Demurtas 

    You can actually do this. If you select the component in schematic and go to properties, then click change (next to the component name) you get another window called change component. If you select the last drop down, for new package you should see your other package. 

    Hope this helps



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