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Add 3D Model to component



  • Jayx .

    As far as I know it's not possible to import external 3D models for components. You can create them in DSPCB, but it's quite limited.

  • James Taylor

    After trying DSPCB for a short time, and receiving replies to my emails, I have come to the conclusion that its main purpose is to promote the purchase of RS components and not to allow any changes that my diminish this purpose.

  • Brad Levy

    James, I've been using DS PCB for years, and don't feel the feature choices in DS PCB have been aimed at limiting you to RS components. The component wizards allow you to create your own library parts. You can easily add fields for your own company's part number scheme, and for part numbers from other vendors. The particular feature being suggested in this thread (import of external 3D models) would benefit RS components as well as those from other vendors.

    There are certainly some features (like the BOM quoting) that add tighter integration and convenience for RS customers - but those are added capability, not designed to lock you out of using other suppliers. And the output files from DS PCB are in unencrypted industry standard formats, unlike some free PCB design software that produces files that can only be used with a specific board house. I am appreciative that RS has made the program available, with support, for free. Along with other programs for mechanical CAD, etc. I'm also appreciative of the DesignSpark website, providing information and community for designers, and encouraging the maker movement and STEM education. They don't have to provide these tools - but they do so anyway. It builds the future, which benefits us all.


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