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Gerber Format



  • Jayx .

    Hi Mahnoor,

    I think it's unusual that they require specific format, especially that they were able to detect it correctly in your file! Anyway it's easy to change it to meet their requirements. In Output Manufacturing Plots click on Device Setup and then enter required values (in your case 2 in Integer field, 4 in Decimal field):

    One think though, they should also tell you what units they expect, inches or milimeters?

  • Mahnoor Ajaz

    Thanks a lot @Jayx :)

  • Raymond Lalumiere

    I work in inches, How do I make inches my default setting.  I all so like to work from point sets from which I create extruded solids, and located holes and other features to a point.  ,I see no way to specific a point location by entering  coordinates or transform, move, or copy points to a different location.

  • Brad Levy

    Raymond, are you asking about DesignSpark PCB? I ask because of your reference to extruding solids, which sounds like a DesignSpark Mechanical experience.

    In DesignSpark PCB, you set the measurement system for the current design by selecting Settings > Units from the menu, and choosing the desired units (cm,inches,mm,mil,thou) from the drop-down box.

    In the future, it is best to post new questions as a New Post, rather than tagging on to an existing post.

  • James Head

    I know one reason why a fabricator might be asking for a specific format because I came across it a few years ago specifically with 3.5 metric format. I found that when using hardware arc commands and metric 3.5 some leading CAM software packages were importing the Gerber incorrectly and the resulting arc was drawn incorrectly. This was noticible on clearances around holes in copper filled areas. Changing to metric 3.6 resulted in no errors whilst retaining hardware arcs. Changing to software arcs would also resolve the problem but results in a larger gerber file size.

    I found that around 50% of the CAM software that I had access to, and 50% of "free" viewers imported 3.5 metric gerber incorrectly with at that time. I wondered at the time if these 50% were all using a common maths library which caused the problem. The faulty software included GC-CAM. I did notify Graphi-code and the other faulty CAM providers at the time and Graphi-code fixed the issue for the next release.

    I know though that there are several PCB fabrication facilities that use older versions of CAM software and are not on software maintenance. I wonder if your fabricator may be one of these?

    This bug I discovered also shows you why you should always verify the gerber you've output in a different tool than the one you've used to create the gerber before you send your gerber files out for fabrication.



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