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Change Design Technology file



  • David Van Balen

    More info: When I select Settings > Technology Transfer, choosing any of Technology Files in the dropdown list gives an error where the pathname seems concatenated to itself, pointing thus to an invalid location

    I think this is a bug....

  • Jayx .

    Hi David,

    You don't need to use OSHPark technology files. It just allows you to make sure your project meet their requirements which is done by performing DRC against settings in the technology file. You can transfer those settings manually to your current technology file, just open OSHPark technology file and copy everything from Spacing and Rules tab.

    By the way, one of the setting in OSHPark technology file is clearly wrong. Drill spacing is 0, whereas most PCB manufacturers require at least 0.25mm.

  • David Van Balen

    OK, thanks for your help, Jayx.


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