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Solder mask feature observations, possibly a bug



  • DesignSpark PCB

    Hello Jayx, while beta testing V8.1 against known issues or not documented results we found this post which everyone obviously missed - sorry. Can you confirm if you investigated further or reached any other conclusion on the above?

    Regarding point 3 although it it would be the wrong layer stack order, in  the PCB editor did you try moving the copper layer above the solder mask layer? This makes the copper visible with a ring showing the solder mask clearance.

  • Jayx .

    I can confirm that the option described in 1) work as expected. So it may be useful if someone doesn't have Solder Mask layer defined in Technology Files. The only minor issue with it is that preview doesn't work correctly for via holes (preview include them even though option to include is not selected). Also oversize is not reflected in preview, oversize unit is not clear as it's next to "Power Plane" section, although it actually apply to oversize as well and there is no option for % oversize.

    As for the 3), moving copper layer above the solder mask didn't fix it.

    Anyway, I wouldn't recommend to use oversize at all. Apparently most PCB manufacturers prefer to do it themselves so it's suitable to their processes. So fixing this is probably not very beneficial.


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