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Mirroring Faces and Objects to make Symmetric or Mirrored bodies in DesignSpark Mechanical? Operation and Examples.


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  • Cees Meijer

    Not having a full 3D mirror tool is definitely inconvenient, though I seldom really need it. There is a workaround though:

    - Export the object you want to mirror to an STL file

    - Open the .STL object in slic3r (the 3D printer slicer software).

    - In slic3r select Object->Mirror, and export the mirrored object in STL again.

    - Use 'Insert File' option in Designspark to insert the mirrored object.

    - The object now consists of facets, so select the mirrored object in the tree view, right click on the 'Facets' and select 'Convert to solid - merge faces'

    Sounds like a lot of work, but it's actually quite fast if you know how.



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