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What is the DSM Ultimaker Cura plug-in?



  • Stephen Childs

    It opens Cura2.5 not the latest version Cura3.5  i have installed.


    Don't want to remove 2.5 as i have 2 x  UMO and firmware bricks if accidentally accessed from 3.5 and you need to re download firmware from 2.5 in order to get them working again.


    Happy to save as STL files if you have no way round this but if its just a edit somewhere please let me know.







  • DesignSpark Mechanical

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for testing the functionality. We will pick up with the developers on this issue and provide an update at the earliest. In the meantime, you can use the generic STL export and manually load the model in Cura 3.5.

    As this is a beta version of DSM 4.0, we are welcoming feedback on overall usage so we can deliver an optimal user experience for the release candidate.

    Kind regards,

    DSM Support



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