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How can I turn off the Relative Origin symbol?



  • Bryce Swartzwelder

    To turn off the world origin using Designspark Mechanical, the display tab

    2.then to the far right select "show" drop down menu

    3.then de-select the first check box labeled "World Origin".

    This will allow easier exporting of 2d image files for some laser cutting  and engraving operations. You can export ping images of colored lines directly for use in programs such as k40 whisperer. K40 whisperer uses colored lines to define cuts, rasters, or engravings. The World Origin Point being present creates the need to be edited out prior to file use. With the world origin turned off files will require little or no editing after export from Designspark Mechanical. 

  • Boss .

    Hi Bryce, this was a DSPCB article.


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