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Can I use my DSPCB libraries with PRO?



  • Steve Stone

    Are there any files (project, library, schematic, PCB etc) that once modified by PRO, I would unable to edit or complete using the standard version?

  • DesignSpark PCB

    The libraries are standard across both DSPCB and DSPCB PRO so you will keep your investment of PCB Part Library downloads and your own creations and customisations.

    As stated here  you CANNOT open a design (project, schematic or PCB) saved in DSPCB PRO from DSPCB. This is due to all the additional features included in the files.

    If you wish to maintain compatibility of a current DSPCB design, make a complete backup of your designs so you have a secure copy to revert to (this is good practice for designs and libraries). Then work on a seperate copy of the design in DSPCB PRO


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