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How do I Countersink (chamfer) a hole or add Chamfers (corner) around a post and alter it's size or angles later? Operation and Examples.



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    Hi. Does this really work properly ?

    I find an actual countersunk hole and not countersunked counterbore much more difficult. I find the angled face wants to over ride / ignoring the hole dia side completely - ie, deleting the hole alltogether.

    Another way is to pull the csunk edges ( not it's face ) to make the angle , change size etc. IMO more controllable / consistant.

    Whichever way, watch out for over constraint - in properties, make the over constraining dim 'suspend envelope rule' to True. i'm learning as i go - hope this helps.



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    In determining a Countersinked hole from an existing hole.

    1. Copy top edge hole to make concentric hole at size of csink head.

    2. Move inner hole down into part by same amount ( 90 deg Csink).

    3. Decide do you really want/need hole dimensions ?

    4. Place Dim annotation plane at orientation to best display sizes.

    5. Make minimum driving dims only.

        a) hole dia size

       b)  Csink depth from top surface

       c) As reference only, Csink inc angle.

    This is all you need in this basic example. This avoids angle changing directly but alerts you if the angle changes.



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