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DesignSpark PCB Basic Course: Familiarisation (Part 1)



  • Bill Marriott

    Helpful videos but I have two suggestions:

    1. Eliminate the 45 deg shot of your hands typing on the  laptop - the screen is small/washed out and seeing your fingers move adds nothing to a tutorial.

    2. Eliminate rapid mouse movement when discussing options. As you rapidly move around we are trying read/absorb what just happened.



  • DesignSpark PCB

    @..., if you would like to contact and discuss with our support team this may help with future content.

    The content has grown over the many years of creating content and is currently being reviewed so any feedback on areas you require will be most useful.

  • Michael Buet

    You obviously know EXACTLY what you are trying to do...  We're not so lucky!! SLOW DOWN, EXPLAIN keep it simple, not FAST  Time is not limited - we want to learn the product, not have you show us how good you are with it....


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