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Why do the software icons look so small on my 4K screen?



  • craig mcinnes

    How about showing a date/time on a post.  Can't tell if this post is a day or a year old.

  • Manfred BARTH

    Same Problem on DesignSparkElectrical

    not usable on 4k display!!!

    is ther an upgrade or fix solution in vision?

  • KludgeGuru

    You can disable DPI scaling by doing the following in Windows.

    1. You need a shortcut link to DesignSpark on the desktop, if you don't have one drag one from the start menu.
    2. Right click on the shortcut and go to properties.
    3. Go to the Compatibility Tab.
    4. Check "Override high DPI scaling behavoir"
    5. Select "System" from the "Scaling performed by" pull down.
    6. Click on OK to save the setting.
    7. Now launch the program and the icons should be normal size.

    This worked for me on Windows 10, hopefully it will work for you.  Should work on other windows programs too, I had to do it on LTSpiceXVII.

  • Manfred BARTH

    Great, it works!

    Thanks a lot for sharing



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