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What is the full list of DSPCB v8.0 fixes?



  • Richard Orellana

    Hi, I just bought a new Dell laptop window 10 home edition and I can't get DesignSpark to work. It loads up and then a window pops up saying an error accord and it needs to close. I did the compatibility setting - checked "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scalling performed by: system" and it continues to do the same. This laptop has an Intel UHD Graphics 620. Does any one think the this video card is causing the software to crash? I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

  • Boss .

    Hi Richard, haven't heard of anyone having problems with Graphics cards with DSPCB.

    It's best to post questions in the forum rather than as comments to FAQ's

    BUT I suggest raising a support ticket. 

    As long as you follow the install instructions and select the shortcut on the desktop and then right click and select "run as admin" it should work.


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