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What is the full list of DSPCB v8.0 new features?



  • Jim Melser

    Glad to hear about a better measure tool the current one is terrible (no offense)  ;)

    It would be great to be able to edit the distance between components (say mounting holes) in this same dialogue too instead of having to use the "relative origin" method. (SolidWorks dimension style)

    Use case:

    Measure distance between components = Y

    Desire distance X

    Specify the fixed component (or the one to move)

    Specify distance Y (expressions should be allowed )Z + B = Y for example)

    DSPCB makes the change and the distance is now X


  • Jon Nolan

    I agree with Jay, DSPCB is screaming for dual screen support! And... the bugs when selecting a track and you just can't move them in a sensible way need banishing too!


  • Jayx .

    I'm a bit disappointed about the number of new features in DSPCB 8.0, I don't think it justifies version number change :P.

    As for the distance edit, good idea, I've requested something similar in the past - segment length edit in Properties, I think I'll add it to Features request section of the forum.


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