How to install DesignSpark PCB on Linux with "Wine"




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    Erika Julieth Acero Velandia

    I get authorisation service error when I run for the first time DesignSpark , I don't know what can I do to solve this.


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    Marlio Bonfim

    Congratulations for this detailed and yet simple tutorial!

    I succeed in installing DesignSpark under Mint 18.1

    For the moment it works like a charm. The only bug up to now is that I cannot save the schematic or pcb file in the same directory where I opened the project. Minor bug

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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    George Tsimopoulos

    I have also been able to install designspark on mint 18.2 successfully.

    It was necessary to upgrade winehq in mint to install the msi library loader, but it does not recognize disignspark :(


    Did anyone managed to install the library loader on Linux ?


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    Brian Shea

    Awesome Job! Finally a real EDA for Linux!

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