How do I add text to a design?




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    Stuart Laraman

    Doesn't appear to be any Text editing tools in v2 of DS Mech? unless they are well hidden somewhere.....

    Quite stupid that there appears to be no way of adding a pn to a part.

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    Luca Matteini

    It's a feature that shouldn't be missing, it's present even in Tinkercad!

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    Kevin Gladwin

    Bit of a pain, but the DSM instructions do work!

    Switch to Pull - Cut, and you can carve out the text.

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    David Beale

    Thanks for this, most helpful. The feature is in the full release of SpaceClaim but as this cut down version is free I guess we should not be surprised some bits are missing! However, this is a great work-around so thanks again.

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    Robin A. Jensen

    Method Nr. 1. is really not a solution.
    You can't put the text, where it's desired ie. on a object.


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    niamh stafford

    I followed the instructions and it worked - on a flat surface mind you, and I wanted to change the text size but that proved too difficult.

    I didn't want text on the object - I just want to be able to add text for labels and notations - a simple text box option that should be available without using the dimensions tool.

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