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How do I create a rotational pattern?


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  • Rob Zumstein

    This tutourial is utterly stupid! ... and wasted 2 hours of my time to nut it out in which should have only been 5 minutes or less to learn how to do it!!!

    It is missing vital steps to perform what is depicted in the pictures.
    Your tutorial's should have numbered steps to follow and as well videos to follow.

    So to save other beginners valuable time, here are the steps to follow if you want to do it under 5 minutes!!

    Step 1:
    Click on the file link and open a new design and select the rectangle tool and draw it to whatever size.

    Step 2:
    Click the select button and select the whole rectangle (you will be in Sketch Mode)..

    Step 3:
    In the Intersect section... Click the Combine tool (this will make the rectangle 1piece and will put you back in 3D mode).

    Step 4:
    Next... click the Construction line in Sketch menu (it will revert back to Sketch Mode) and place the construction line where you want (like in picture 4 above where it states "Rotate the Move tool to create your pattern").

    Step 5:
    Click the Select button and click the 3D Mode button... should just see the rectangle and construction line by itself.

    Step 6:
    Select and highlight the rectangle.

    Step 7:
    Select the Move tool and then select and enable the Create Patterns button.

    Step 8:
    Click the Anchor button and click on the construction line... it should now look like picture 4 above.

    Step 9:
    Click on the angle rotation arrow (it will show the grey ghosted ring and the way it will rotate towards too)
    Select the angle of rotation (which way do you want it to rotate... above or below the first rectangle?).

    Step 10:
    Enter 144 degrees as in picture 5 and 6 above and then in the Count box number 4. Press enter.
    Voila... finally frigging done.


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