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How do I re-activate DesignSpark PCB?

The following applies to V7 and V8.

V8.0 is robust against deactivation, however it may not initially be activated immediately after upgrading from a previous version.

With thank to Jaap Kees, for sharing this solution.


If any user experiences the issue where their installed version of DesignSpark PCB requests that it needs to be activated or it is found to be 'in-activated' or 'Save' is greyed out please proceed as follows.

Select 'No' or close the window and continue with the following steps.

(NOTE: if you select 'Yes' in error, you will be taken to a web page that traps an unavailable obsolete registration process).


Required activation steps:

From the DesignSpark PCB menu bar go to Help-->About DesignSpark PCB

and click the "Update Registration" button.
A window will open to login with your Username and Password which will take you to the registration form.


All fields should be completed except for the "RS Sold-to Number or Allied ID", ensure an entry in the "Job Title/Profession" is selected.

You may optionally update any missing fields or current entries, ensure the "terms and conditions" box is ticked and click the "REGISTER" button at the bottom right of the form.
This step will activate your DesignSpark PCB installation.


1. The "Register" button will be inactive if the program is currently activated.
2. DesignSpark PCB V7 cannot be activated manually with an activation code.
    These details are not required as part of this process.
3. We have investigated the cause of this issue and V8.0 includes an improved feature which should prevent future deactivations by the OS.

Message "Exceeded the maximum number of activations"

Should you reach your account activation limit, then until our new DesignSpark account registration page is live the only route to activations is to register a new User name with a new Email Address. You do not need to request your old account is deleted.

As stated, V8.n has improved registration checking and is not prone to the above reactivation issue once activated.


Website states DesignSpark PCB is activated.

This purely indicates that you have in the past completed the registration and activation of the program. It does not indicate the local situation as to whether the program detects it is activated.


See Also

DesignSpark PCB Status  Important details for V8.0.




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  • 0
    John Hind

    This does not work! After the login page, it just takes me to the home page

    No registration form, and I have been unable to find it manually! This is really annoying - why do you require activation on a program you are (generously) giving away for free anyway?

    EDIT 15/10/2016: Not sure if this has since been updated, or if I did not read it carefully enough before, but the above process ( pressing "No" on the first dialog, then using the help menu) does work now for me.

    Edited by John Hind
  • 0
    DesignSpark Support

    Hi John

    We are really glad this works and I'll edit the above to make it really clear to press No.


    DesignSpark Support

  • 0
    Nick Burns

    This has happened to me a number of times and I found this approach eventually on my own before I found this page. However, I have now reached a stage where I get the message "you have exceeded the maximum number of activations". I can no-longer re-activate Designspark PCB.

    My OS is Windows 10, and the DSPCB version is 7.2

    I'm sure there was a page on the website that allowed manual deactivation of activations... but I can't seem to find it now.

  • 0
    Nick Burns

    I have had to resort to creating a second account in order to continue using DesignSpark PCB. It would be good to see the page for manual deactivation make a re-appearance so that this is not necessary.

    And if the deactivation page still exists, please could someone provide a link to it?


    On another note - I have also installed DSPCB on my laptop, and it also periodically requires reactivation. (Win 10, DSPCB 7.2 as well). The laptop has a 4K screen and with UI elements scaled to 250%, the "Update Registration" button is not visible.

    Edited by Nick Burns
  • 0
    Rick Bailey

    I'm with Mr. Burns. I've just tried to install DSP PCB on a laptop, and it refuses to run, citing "you have exceeded the maximum number of activations". I have searched for the page to allow me to remove other computers from my account, to no avail.  You need to either allow more  computers for any account, or allow us to change which computers we use the software on. I have two desktops and two laptops active right now, and am trying to bring up a third laptop.  I would happily deactivate one of the other machines if I could figure out how.

  • 1
    DesignSpark PCB

    Sorry for the inconvenience that this issue has caused some users.

    Our developers have improved the activation detection in V8 beta 4 which will be in future releases.

    The deactivations feature was removed from V7 two years ago as it was found not to be required/used with the six activations limit.
    This has been acceptable until the recent Microsoft updates that have caused deactivation issue.
    We are also developing a new registration process to improve the user experience across our applications.

    If anyone affected by this issue would test V8 beta 4 the current download and provide feedback that would be appreciated.

  • 0
    Manuel Rico-Secades

    I have continuosly problems with the re-activation of DesignSpak PCB. Every udpate of Windows 10, the DesignSpak PCB need a re-activation and after a number a re-activations the system says the limit of activations have been reached and reactivation is not possible with this user. It is necessary to create a new user. 

  • 0
    Parveen jaggi

    I have also got a problem to re activation for this software,but when i followed support team action then its got activated,



  • 0
    Rob Van Eldijk

    Got the same problem with reactivation. Needed to install windows again and can't activate desingspark pcb v8.0. It give's me the message: "you have exceeded the maximum number of activations".

    Please, can you fix this?

  • 0
    DesignSpark PCB

    Please raise a support ticket if you require assistance, use the "Submit a request" button at the top of the page.

  • 0
    gdkj gdkj

    "You have exceeded the maximum number of activations"  I have 3 laptops with designspark, where i can deactivated 3 too much designspark ? sorry my bad english. good luck

  • 0
    DesignSpark PCB

    hello gdkj gdky,

    Sorry you experienced this..

    See section "Exceeded the maximum number of activations"

    .... register a new User name with a new Email Address. ...

    So just set up a new DS account with a new user name and different email address and you will have 6 more available activations.

    Don't worry about the old account, you do not need to do anything about this.


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