How do I contact DesignSpark?




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    Alban Antoine

    When I try to activate the DesignSpark Electrical with username and password I get an error message "XML parse error".  Very frustrating!

    How can I get over this hurdle?

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    Alban Antoine

    I also cannot access the forms to submit request.  That is why I am using this area.

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    Wayne Baker

    I have similar problem to Mr Antoine.  I have downloaded the program, installed it, and prior to use, I am asked to register.  I fill in the registration form, submit it, and get "unknown token" as a response.  What is missing?


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    Paul Murray

    Whenever I try and import a part into the library I get a message that says

    Client unable to add library item

    My email address is



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    Marco Cardia


    I have download DSpark electrical, but I don't continue in activation because I dont know if is free.
    I will use this software at my job for design electrical schematic.
    I would to know if this software is free in use for design in job activities,

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    Philip Vossler

    Hi Marco,

    The software is free to use but there is a limit of 15 pages in a project. I only use it to draw schematic digrams at present - I have run into the 15 page limit but you can delete the extra pages (Cover page, drawing list and wiring diagram) if you dont need them - as I only use "schemes" I dont need a wiring diagram.

    As with all software there is an investment of time and effort required to learn a new package and while the software is very useful the help information and tutorials do not cover it's features in depth.

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