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First steps to Direct Modelling Section 4 - Look at the Fill Tool



  • Jim Scott

    On both steps 9 & 13 I get the following msg:

    Non-manifold edges/vertices

    What am I missing?

    Picture shows area selected for the fill



  • Mikael Gustafsson

    I receive the same message in step 9 and 13...

  • Piet Terblanche

    I get the same message with my own holed cube, but no error with the one downloaded from the above link. No problem on my own cube if I have only one hole.

  • Jonathan histed

    yep me too : I find following these tutorials seems really easy, and obvious, but as soon as I do something not quite as they instruct me to, I crash against things like this, that there seems no way to work out what is going on-frustrating. The tutorials are good, but i think they need to run them with some guinea pigs, and see what comes up-- like this, and then explain those exception cases. Every day is a school day... lol


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