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What is the DS Toolbox App?


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  • Steve Bissonnette

    How about a Mechanical Toolbox App. I frequently use at thread design app, a gear design, units conversion app, cutting tool feeds and speeds and constantly search the web for piping, structural member and material specs.  The DSM Toolbox could include, 

    Thread design and specs, standard fasteners 

    Gear design, and common sioze specs.

    Machining speeds and speeds

    Simple beam design with deflection for common shapes, tubular, angle flat,etc

    Piping specs

    Material properties, strength, thermal coefficients  

    Units conversion 

    Hardness chart for elastomers 

    Properties for common 3d filaments 

    General 3d printer settings for common filaments and a place to save custom settings. 

    Bearing size specs 

    Small springs, pins and thread inserts, availability and specs


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