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    Barry Bellevue-de Sylva

    As an ex-Solidworks user this software is first class and the videos are very helpful.



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    NIQ DingBEN

    Barry Bellevue-de Sylva, I am new at this... but just from the looks at substance I fail to see how you could even compare Solidworks to this DesignSpark skeleton ... or can you be more thorough and show some comparative material of the Elephant/mouse caliber.

    really! ex-Solidworks! ...please show me an example in DesignSpark in full motion(animation), dressed up with all the forces at each point of torque... and include the options for the materials strength and size that fulfill the forces requirement.

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    Barry Bellevue-de Sylva

    I do hope your utterly pointless comment made you feel better about yourself. If you suffer from small appendage syndrome I have a 3D printer that could make a bigger one to divert your attention.

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