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Can I create a Schematic symbol in DesignSpark PCB and then select it for use in the Schematic design without creating a PCB symbol?


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  • Peter Sarro

    The reply to the question: 

    Can I Create A Schematic Symbol In DesignSpark PCB And Then Select It For Use In The Schematic Design Without Creating A PCB Symbol?

    Really doesn't help much because it leaves the basic question partially answered with to further information.

    The reply should include a link to some other tutorial on how to create a component and that should include creating the schematic symbol and the PCB footprint symbol.

    And actually, there should be a PDF or other document that goes through the process of creating a component that details everything using one or more examples.  

    Please advise me if there is such a tutorial and/or document that I can go through and that covers the entire process - rather than having to find bits and pieces -  of how to create a component.

    Thank you.



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