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Mechanical software - How and why should I use the Groups feature?



  • Buddy Yount

    What groups sub-panel?  I'm using DesignSpark Electrical version 2017.0.1, Build 21.  I see nothing resembling a groups sub-panel but could easily be missing it somewhere.  At the moment, I'm creating a new symbol (for a race-technologies "dash2pro") with 43 connections and have laid down the set of connection points, but now need to move groups of them around.  Fundamentally, I'm looking for a "group" command like in powerpoint, for instance.  I'm sure it's in here somewhere...

    thanks -

  • DesignSpark Electrical

    Hi Buddy,

    This article relates to DS Mechanical, not Electrical.

    Have you tried group selecting the points and dragging them?



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