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How do I activate DesignSpark PCB?

Note: You must be connected to the internet throughout this process.

At the DesignSpark homepage create an account.

Goto to this page and download the DesignSpark PCB software.

Install the program on your computer. You must be an Administrator to be able to do this. Right click on the shortcut on your desktop and select "Run as Administrator"

Launch the program from the shortcut icon again using "Run as Administrator" 

If you completed the first step and have a DesignSpark account then login on the first screen

I you do not have a DesignSpark account, you will need to register

Complete the registration screen. Complete ALL required fields including the Job Title/Position and accept the T&C's. If clicking the button produces no action, check ALL of the fields are complete and look for errors. Ensure you email address is valid and correct. Incorrect entries will result in errors later on.


You should now be up and running.



If the above does not activate your new installation after upgrading from a previous version please see the following FAQ which will resolve the issue.

How to re-activate DesignSpark PCB.


See Also

DesignSpark PCB Status  Important details for V8.0.

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  • 2
    Bryan Nevins

    I am unable to get the activation code. I already have an account. It is a windows 7 dual boot computer.  DS pcb is working properly on the 32 bit OS, but I cannot get it to activate on the 64 bit OS.  The product activation window has this link


    but when I click “Go” all I get is


    We're sorry...

    Unfortunately you have reached a page that does not exist. You could start at our
    Homepage or you may want to try one of the links below

    I have checked both my gmail and smtp accounts and no message about design spark

  • 0
    Virgil Cheng

    Haven't been using DS PCB for a while, my version was 7.2, got a message on availability of 8.0, finished installation, started 8.0 and got the same activation message on Microsoft Edge browser as yours.

    What I did was run DS PCB 8.0 as administrator. Click on Help->About DesignSpark PCB->Update Registration, I got a new activation code after finishing the process.

  • 1
    Claude Vicidomini

    same remark !

    the page is not accessible and doesn't exist.

    What is the better method ?

  • 0
    Andrew Durrant

    I am also having this problem



  • 0
    Adrian Schnyder

    I have the same problem, a 404 is respondet!

    How can I receive an activation code?

  • 0
    Bryan Nevins

    what OS are you using?

  • 0
    Adrian Schnyder

    Windows 10

  • 0
    Adriaan Beukes

    I also get the 404 page.  Please advise.  Thank you.

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