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How can I upgrade DesignSpark PCB?

New DesignSpark PCB versions come with a separate installer and do not install on top of the previously installed revision. Installing a new version along the previous installations is possible however it will result in two versions sharing some files and Windows Registry settings which can have potential consequences. Unless you're an advanced Windows user, we recommend to have only one copy of DesignSpark PCB installed. Please follow these instructions to avoid any problems.

Warning for upgraders: if you are in the middle of your design and a new version has just became available, you might want to consider sticking to the version you have until your design is finalised. As much as we would love you to start using the latest version right away, we realise your deadlines are important. New versions are fully backwards compatible i.e. can read the designs from previous versions however once you save files in the newer versions we don't guarantee you will be able to open them in an older one. The majority of users go with an upgrade anyway without any issues, however it can sometimes be frustrating when, for example, you have not translated schematics to PCB when designing in a previous version and your custom libraries need to be copied over to the new version in order for this to work. So remember: avoid taking risks when under time pressure and come back for an upgrade when ready!


  1. Please ensure you back up your files and uninstall the current DSPCB installation.
  1. Download the latest version of DesignSpark PCB from the DesignSpark PCB Home Page



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