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How can I unroute my PCB?

You may sometimes have a requirement to unroute all or part of the design. Unrouting is the process of removing tracks leaving only the connections remaining.

The Unroute Nets > option is available within the Tools menu, offering three options to control the required amount of unrouting.

You can chose between unrouting all nets, choosing exactly what net you would like to unroute or unroute the net (or nets) you previously selected. To select more than one net you need to click on the nets you want to select while pressing Ctrl key.


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    Jim Melser

    It would be nice to be able to easily select just the nets that were auto routed to un-route. CTRL-Z works if you just want to un-route right after you route. but Some times you want to un-route awhile later, and CTRL-Z is not a good option then.

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