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Why aren't the DS Mechanical add-on modules free? Why do I have to pay?

The DesignSpark Mechanical add-on modules are a result of the feedback from our user base of the DS Mechanical 3D design software. Across the tens of thousands of users there is a distinct group who have adopted 3D design in their design workflows and want to take it to the next level beyond concept design & 3D Printing – these users require ‘premium’ functionality that allows final design for manufacturing.

Whilst we are not able to offer this functionality free of charge, we have worked with our customers and SpaceClaim to establish the right level of premium features at an affordable price. These DS Mechanical add-on modules are ideal for those who require a fully featured manufacturing-ready 3D design solution but are not willing to pay premium price for traditional 3D CAD software packages.

Features of these great modules include:

·         Seamless integration into existing design workflows though full STEP format import
·         Edit & export of full IGES format files
·         Creation & viewing of 2D drawings with support annotations and full GD&T
·         Thread tool – create standard & custom threads
·         Custom drawing sheets
·         Ability to create and insert barcodes into drawings
·         Option to create and modify perspective views on 2D drawings from 3D object

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