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Can I add PLCs to a project?



  • Philip Vossler

    Please can you post a "Howto"? The management of PLCs and their i/o connections is causing difficulty and a more detailed explanation would be useful. It's difficult to see the details in the pictures above.

    The problem is tha PLCs often need to interact with elements on other sheets in the drawing. I.E. a voltage input may come from the output of a VSD where the voltage represents the current flow in the load...another example is where a volt free relay contact is switching a contactor coil.

    I notice that several features related to PLC's give either error messages or the command appears to have no effect.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • Dan Wouters

    Agreed with previous comment, there is much need for an illustrated How-to write-up or video. PLC's need specific info such as a slot, channel address, + or COM, etc. Also, wire numbering should have the option to match the slot/channel number. Not evident..

    Personally I am confused as to how you create a new PLC symbol from "insert symbol" menu, that matches up with specific PLC manufacturer layouts. Does this have to be a two step process or can a specific manufacturer PLC card directly be inserted and show all it's terminals?


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