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How do I install DesignSpark PCB?

The steps required to be able to use DesignSpark PCB are download, installation and registration/activation.

If you have not already done so download the program from the DesignSpark PCB Home page, which currently appears as follows.


Once downloaded, run the file to launch the InstallShield Wizard. It is recommended that you are logged on with an administrator account.

You will be presented with some install options. Leave these at their default settings and click “Next”.

The wizard will now prepare all the files ready for the install process.

The software is now ready to install.

Read and accept the licensing terms and conditions.

Now select the destination folder, we recommend the default C:\Program Files (x86) as shown. Note [Browse…] was pressed to show the full file path only, you are not required to perform this.

Next select the default locations for the library folders etc., as this will make any help and support easier for you to follow.

A summary of your selected folders is displayed, simply click “Next” to install.

Screens similar to that shown below will appear as various steps in the process are completed.

The final installation complete message will appear.

Due to the permissions required to ‘Activate’ the program on first launch, we do not recommend ticking the “Launch the application now” check box.

Click “Finish” and the program is now installed.

On first launch the program requires activation by completing the registration form. Please see the FAQ “Registration and Activation







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