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Do I need to purchase a license for DesignSpark Electrical?


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  • Martin Beta

    You do need to purchase a license if you started using the original version when RS had business relationship with the software owner at the time. At that point the limit was 15 schematics per project. Then through business changes which saw Dassault acquiring the software, this got reduced to 3.
    I worked to the original spec for personal projects for my self build & nothing else. After upgrading the latest version through the auto prompts, I now find I cannot access these projects. On top of that I cannot re-install the original version due activations limitation blah, blah, blah!

    Oh yes I enquired about the special up grade deals for those caught like me - £6K normally, but the 'special discounted price' is £1,600 approximately All I want to do is some minor 'as fixed' mods to the control systems in my house, but no, screwed.
    I understand business & the need to make profit etc, but when you screw over current users I am not impressed - you have been warned. When we evaluate electrical software for our organisation, Solid Works will not even be considered for sure. I wish I had never seen the software, especially after all the hype.

    I have also spoken to RS & though they tried to retain the 15 drawing limit, Dassault would not listen.  I knew the origina limitations, worked within them & still got screwed over. Bear this in mind of you get involved in the 3 drawing version - once they see how many people are still registered & using, don't be surprised if it goes to 2 or 1! You have been warned!


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