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Is there an example of how these 3D models integrate into a DSM project?

Of course, let's take you through one:
Say you've downloaded a USB type B connector (RS Part no. 5152673) and want to embed it in a panel, thus resembling the USB ports on your laptop or PC.

1. Create a cube of 20mm x 20mm x 10mm.
2. With the Move tool, manoeuvre the connector into the panel with only the input touching the top surface.
3. Select the Combine tool. Left-click on the panel once and then click on the USB connector. The USB connector acts like a cutter carving its shape through the panel.
4. Triple click on the panel remnant lodged in the connector input and Delete. Highlighted orange in below:

5. Once completed, the embedded connector should look like this (front face & right face profiles shown)

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