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Library structure & Library Manager



  • Paul Kirby

    I wish you would make your bloody mind up.

    You use to use the built in system to create components, which was great.

    Then you moved over to that crappy 3rd party crap, this was when Design Spark went down hill, you shouldn't have to install 3rd party tools that required paid software to work.

    And now you show using the built in system again.

    So what is it, make your mind up please.





  • Voy

    This video is about the general component model organisation in the software, not about how to get ready to use components as it was by using ModelSource. All components coming from different sources will be managed by Library Manager, so it is good to know how it works. Library Manager also allows to modify components and create new.

    By the way, Instead of ModelSource they have now 'PCB Part Library' which is in my opinion far better tool than ModelSource was - especially in terms of PCB footprints quality.




  • DesignSpark PCB

    I have just become aware of this discussion since the latest user comment. As posted this video is about the Library Manager and how the components and symbols are constructed from any source.

    Components are available from:

    1. The default installed libraries.

    2.  User generated components which can be assisted by the built in Wizards.

    3.  Shared libraries e.g. Sparkfun.

    4. From the PCB Part Library (PPL) using the "free" Library Loader utility. This replaces the old ModelSource tool. PPL now contains significantly more components and up to date components, it is also supported in the event of an error being discovered. New parts can also be requested and are normally available within one week. This a major development over the obsolete ModelSource on line resource.

    5. An extra facility is to access PPL by the ECAD Part Wizard (EPW) which allows for complicated components such as microcontrollers to have symbols fractionated to match your design requirements. This tool does require Microsoft Excel, however this an extra facility beyond what was previously available.

    6. Components can also be imported from 3rd parties if they are available as .DSL files.

    7. Should you miss the parametric search feature of ModelSource this is also available with PPL using the RS Components search engine in conjunction with Library Loader.
    Many components can also be downloaded directly from the RS Components website as detailed in the URL.

    These tools and resources have been developed and supplied following requests from our user community who have asked for an up to date and supported component model resource. 

    It is hoped that from the options available you can select your preferred tools for use with DesignSpark PCB.


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