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How can I use the Library Manager?

The Library Manager is used to create and manage all of your libraries.

Use the Symbol and Component tabs to enter the correct library ‘type’ mode. For example, if you need to edit a PCB footprint, click on the PCB Symbols tab.


Any items found in the selected library are displayed in the Library contents list. The example below shows the Component library.

When an item is selected from the Library Contents list, the contents are displayed in the Preview pane on the right hand side of the page:

If on the components tab the contents are shown as detail (a detailed description of which symbols are used in the component, the libraries they are from, the gate/symbol relationships, the package/PCB symbol relationship) it will also show a preview of the symbols used for that component.

If on one of the Symbol tabs, the Preview button will reveal a picture of the symbol selected.

The Tools and Utility buttons are used to perform actions on the library or can be used to manipulate them.


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