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How can I add Net References?

Net references open possibility to connect two pins on opposite sides of the design, which perhaps need to be connected together but for which you do not need to add a full connection.

Here we will add a short connection for each pin, add a schematic only component as the signal reference and name the net on both ends. This will act as an ‘implied’ connection. Then when the Schematic is translated to PCB, these two points will be connected together.

Using the Add Component browser, from the Schema.cml library, add two To components to the design.

Remember, the intelligence in the implied net is the net name, so now we must name the connection.


Select the pin on the To symbol. From the shortcut menu, select Change Net.

From the dialog, type the Net Name of the net you want to connect, for example SINE_OUT like on the example below.

Depending on the needs leave the Net Class as Signal or change it to one of the other options available. Click OK to exit.

The Net is now named (SINE_OUT), now you need to display it.



Select the connection to the To symbol. Right click and from the shortcut menu, select Display Net Name.

Now that it is displayed, you can select it and move it into the required position.

That is one half of the implied net completed. You must now do this procedure again for the other pin.



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