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Is it possible to archive to a shared central server?



  • Giacomo Tasselli

    Ok for the "Archive Environment"... of a closed project.

    But how I do:
    "If you are using DesignSpark Electrical in an environment where colleagues are also using the software, it may be beneficial to create a central location to where all work can be saved. This should mean that a coherent library of work can be maintained and different users can access projects as necessary, for example to carry out amends."?

    I do not understand how to share my open projects and libraries with my colleagues within the same LAN.
    I tried to install DSE with the data folder located on a shared drive, but the subsequent updates does not seem to have kept my data, confirm please?

  • DesignSpark Electrical

    Hi Giacomo,

    It is important to use the "archive environment" tool as described in the tutorial you have commented on. Moving the data folder will not work. Make sure each of your team archive the environment to the same location after each piece of work and you will have a shared library which is common to all.



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