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How can I download additional parts and libraries?



  • Giovanni Schillaci

    which scale when importing files ? i mean importing dwg or dxf files

    i did with Autocad but is more than 10 times bigger.

    how to add new classes?

    i'm working with non standard parts, and i got footprint, i need to create different classes with different parts library.


    thank you


  • G b

    The  description below  cannot be practically implemented . Where do you find Unclassed in any of the menus ? When loading online cad files they disappear into DesignSpark program , never to be found .

    ."New parts can initially be loaded into the Unclassed elements library, and can be dragged and dropped into a more relevant classification if necessary within the Manufacturer parts manager menu." 

  • Peter Achatz

    I downloaded a part from RS. And now? How can this be added to a library? How can I use it ?

  • Gary Williams

    I am having the same problem as Peter Achatz. Once downloaded it remains stubbornly inaccessible.

    How do we use it?

  • Ben Varvil

    I am having the same problem as Peter and Gary... this is entry level stuff, but for those of us intermediate level computer people, the problem is maddening. 

    Downloading is super easy. 

    Implementing is the hurdle.

    I extracted the zip folder to the file address I see in the library directory, the library I used to access the more common components in the project. I did not see the part in the library. 

    I tried downloading the RS component installer program. It tells me "Please click Settings for DesignSpark PCB." I searched DesignSpark PCB unsuccessfully for 90 minutes. It was a productive 90 minutes, but never did I find a tab or a button labeled "Settings" to click, nor did I find a way to implement my downloaded part. 

    Could sombody please break this down? 

  • Eugenia Arellano

    I downloaded a file 'DesignSpark Mechanical" from Traceparts for a Siemens contactor, because there was no option for "DesignSpark Electrical", but it was useless. RS does not have this part in stock, and therefore has no info for this part. Could one at least edit an existing library? The information is extremely poor. 


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