How can I download additional parts and libraries?




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    Giovanni Schillaci

    which scale when importing files ? i mean importing dwg or dxf files

    i did with Autocad but is more than 10 times bigger.

    how to add new classes?

    i'm working with non standard parts, and i got footprint, i need to create different classes with different parts library.


    thank you


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    G b

    The  description below  cannot be practically implemented . Where do you find Unclassed in any of the menus ? When loading online cad files they disappear into DesignSpark program , never to be found .

    ."New parts can initially be loaded into the Unclassed elements library, and can be dragged and dropped into a more relevant classification if necessary within the Manufacturer parts manager menu." 

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    Peter Achatz

    I downloaded a part from RS. And now? How can this be added to a library? How can I use it ?

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    Gary Williams

    I am having the same problem as Peter Achatz. Once downloaded it remains stubbornly inaccessible.

    How do we use it?

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