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Is there a book about DesignSpark PCB?



  • DesignSpark PCB

    The second link DesignSpark PCB Guidebook.pdf  is a translation of the DesignSpark PCB section of the book.


    Why is the Chinese version of the DesignSpark PCB Guide book so much bigger than the English version? 10MB vs 4MB size difference is there something missing?

  • DesignSpark PCB

    The Chinese version is DesignSpark PCB and Mechanical.

    The translations were broken down into DesignSpark PCB (above link) and DesignSpark Mechanical available here.

  • Christopher Williams

    I'm sorry but I find the content of the "Design Spark Guidebook" atrocious, in quality, usefulness and accuracy of content!!!

    Why wasn't WestDev producing it???!!!

  • DesignSpark PCB

    @Christopher, this was produced by a student to those very new to electronics and DSPCB, many students have commented how useful they have found it hence why it was made available.

    For more advanced users we recommend using the the FAQ's published here or the article's on the DesignSpark website.
    The built in Help file is also a useful resource.
    Unfortunately a manual was not available as part of the agreement with DSPCB released as free software.

  • Patrick Henehan

    Error: 2-2-9 Names and Values
    A circuit symbol is usually accompanied by its name and value, the value of which is the
    most important information. Through this value, we can identify and understand the
    components with its corresponding value. For example, we can tell the quantity of the
    resistance by Ohm, and know it is an inductor by seeing Faraday : should be Henry


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