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How are 3D component images associated with my components for the 3D view?

The following is an exploration of the 3D View and how components are assigned their 3D representation. Here we have a simple 2 component example with components downloaded from PCB Parts Library.


The DIL component is automatically assigned a 3D image from the "package name". Here the DIP762W70P… is identified as having "DIP" in the name by the Alias DIP* assigned to the 3D component.



The 3D View appears with the assigned 3D representation as shown.



The LED however does not match any "package" entry so is represented by a block of the size of the component boundary, this is the rectangle that encloses the component hence the square shape.

We shall now look for a suitable 3D model for the LED.
In the Library Manager on the 3D tab select “All Libraries” and you will see a list of available 3D components (check you have the default installed libraries enabled on the “Folders” tab) which can be viewed to select the appropriate model, or use “Find” to help locate one.

Here I have located a suitable component.



To use this in the 3D view we need to add our package to the “Alias” list, this is from the package assigned, which in this case is “LED_5MM”.
To achieve this, with the 3D component selected click the “Edit” button and a new window is launched. Here against the “Also Applies” click “Add” and enter the required component PCB Symbol package name. Click OK and close all the windows.



Now when you launch the 3D View it will have the assigned model.



If the component height is not correct this can be set in the “Values” for the component as has been done above.



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