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How can I read the Help file at anytime?

The DesignSpark PCB Help is very useful to explore and this can be done without launching DesignSpark PCB. Launching the Help file separately from DesignSpark PCB has the advantage that it is always accessible to assist no matter what you are doing in the DesignSpark PCB program.

The Help file is in a standard "Compiled HTML" file format with the extension .CHM.  This file type will be opened by Windows just by double clicking on them. All that needs to be done is create a shortcut on your desktop to the help file and it will be instantly available.

The Help file is in the installed "DesignSpark PCB version" application folder as shown.



Now right click on the file, select "Send to" and then "Desktop (create shortcut)".Help_File_Desktop_shortcut.png


An Icon will now appear on your desktop which will launch the Windows help viewer.

Help_File_Desktop_shortcut_Icon.png Please remember to repeat this when you upgrade to a new version to keep the help file synchronised with your program version.



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