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  • William Herschel

    Wow, this is an impressive demonstration of this impressive software. I would never have figured it out myself.  It took me some time to get it right following the steps but the second one should be faster. It is hard for the computer too – you need a fast processor for the massive computational task. You feel you want to pick it up off the screen when you’ve finished

  • Todd

    When I select all four faces of the ridge and then drag the move handle to the cylinder axis, the ridge opens up to a very large size (2.47mm).

    Then, when I select “create patterns” and try to rotate on the z- axis for a count of 30, I get an error that reads “Failed to create patterns” or, if it does create a pattern, I get multiple small lines within the large ridge.

    I will keep trying until I figure out what my error is. If anyone could give any guidance as to what I may  be doing wrong, please let me know. Thank you,


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