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How to exclude items from the BOM

It is sometimes required to exclude a component from the BOM for example when you create a component as a pad used for external wiring.

The process requires that a new value is added to the component such that it can be filtered from the BOM.

First create a new 'value', in this example we have added 'Not in BOM' and set the value to '1' to indicate the condition is true and provide a flag for sorting.



The component properties are are updated to reflect this. Ensure the component is saved to reflect this for future use.



Next you will need to create a new report to produce a BOM to use this new value.

The simplest method is to make a copy of the existing rsBOM and edit this.

From Output-->Reports in the 'User' section click the rsBOM entry to select and highlight it and then click the 'Copy' button. Provide a name for your new custom BOM. Here we have created "BOM excluding items".



Next we can edit our new BOM to exclude the "Not in BOM" components.

This is achieved by working through the following steps:

1. Select the BOM to edit and then click 'Edit'



2. Select the 'Component List' and click 'Edit'



3. In the section 'Components to include' which is currently set to 'All components' click the 'Change' button.



4. Click the bullet setting 'Only items matching' and then click the 'Add' button.



5. We can now define the components to include.
In the top pull down menu select 'Value' and in the entry field below type our value used for sorting which in this case is "Not in BOM".
In the lower pull down menu leave the selection as 'Is' and in the entry field leave this blank and click 'OK'.


You have now customised the BOM to include all components that do not have the 'Value' "Not in BOM" set to '1'.
This method of setting the value only for excluded components allow all the existing components to be used without editing their values. 

Simply 'run' your new BOM report when required.

If you implement this featuring during a design when you have already used the component, then you must use 'Update Components' (from Tools -- Update Components....)  while the schematic sheet is selected and follow this by 'Forward Design Changes' (from Tools --> Forward Design Changes) to ensure all the components are up to date with the new value.

You may now run the new BOM report.



If you create a component that you will never require in a BOM such as a test point or pad for direct soldering of a wire to, then the 'value' used above should be part of the library components.

If the component is only required to be excluded for the current design e.g. as a design option or the component is off board, then the local component in the design can have its value changed without updating the library.



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