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How can I add a fiducial mark to my PCB?



  • Navi Kuma

    Thanks very much for an excellent explanation!


  • Igor Nikolaevich

    I used pads from the BGA Package instead of a circle, so that the magnetization was to the center of the pad. But I do not have solder paste on the board.

  • Ben Wilcox

    I used this successfully for one pcb but the next board I made the gerber files generated did not have the mask for the fiducial. The difference was that the check box for adjusting the pad sizes [Pads-Only (Resist/Mask) Plot] was selected. Apparently if you want fiducials then you can't adjust the size for the mask for the pads.

  • Roger Keay

    I just tried doing this, but I suppose in V10.0 things changed and you cannot add a filled circle and change the layer to Top Copper or any other electrical layer. Only non-electrical layers can be selected. So, you can't create a copper filled circle and no fiducial. The other problem with this approach is that fiducials need to be in the Pick and Place file but not the BOM. The BOM is easy enough to edit, but the Pick and Place requires specific coordinates.

    EDIT: I can do this from the PCB Editor, but then I can't classify this as a component, therefore it doesn't get placed in the PNP file. Also, maybe I'm missing something here, but a fiducial mark shouldn't have anything in the area surrounding the copper, just bare FR4.

  • DesignSpark PCB

    Roger Keay, I have requested the article be updated to clarify the process.
    DSPCB does not support copper shapes in the Component Editor, hence fiducials cannot be saved as a library component. The procedure is a workaround to allow you to create them in the PCB Editor. The second from the last images shows that if you create a PCB design just with various fiducials this can be opened alongside your current design and the selected fiducial copied and pasted into your current design.

    There isn't anything surrounding the copper circle, the green area around the copper circle is the opening in the Solder Mask layer as these are negative image layers.


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