I'm trying to register and it says my username / email address is already being used?




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    Peter Mole

    Tried this and it didn't work. Not wasting any more time. Thanks but no thanks.

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    Bryce Swartzwelder

    I have downloaded designspark mechanical 2.0 and registered (required by the app) with more than one email, I have  also (successfully registered online). Every time the app is opened and I try logging in, an error box appears stating "the information you provided is incorrect or the user does not exist. Please try again." (while logged in on the designspark webpage). Can anyone help? Thank you for your time.

    This desktop application has been run with administrator rights, and still reacts in the same manner. 

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    David Castanho

    I have signed up for a profile, my profile name has a # sign in it, I have tried to edit it out but every time I try to log in on the software it reverts me to a page stating that no symbols may be used. at the same time it will not allow me to edit the account name to rectify this issue. can anyone help ??????? thank you all for your time 


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    Ron Kennedy

    I just tried to register using the interface pop-up from the app and got the  error message. I went to the web page and registered there, works fine for me now. The app opens no problem seems to work.

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    I tried to register with the website but it didn't work... It always eject me with "unknow token"

    I really be desapointed because this application may look very easy and well designed. 

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