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17/02/2017 Version 8.0 Known Issues.

Project Technology Files error.

1. There is an issue relating to the default selected Technology files, this will result in the wrong colours being displayed in the PCB editor and the grid will not be set on first use.
The temporary 'fix' is to manually select the project technology files as follows.

Fix: On launch select Settings --> Preferences --> General tab and click the 'Default' button to ensure the folder is mapped correctly and click "Apply".

When creating a new schematic for a project ensure the technology file is not blank and select from the pull down options.

When creating a PCB or translating from the Sch to PCB ensure the technology file is selected as shown below. Do not select "Use Default Technology" bullet.
You may however select the "Default" from the pulldown technology file options.

These steps will ensure normal behaviour.


2. Currently you cannot use the Technology Transfer function available from 'Settings' on the menu bar to customise a Technology File due to a path error.

If you wish to use a specific technology file previously created in an earlier version of DesignSpark PCB this can be achieved using Windows file explorer by copying them from the previous version folder to the new installation (file type .STF and .PTF) 

Your current Technology folder path can be confirmed by viewing Settings --> Preferences.


The Technology File can be edited and saved as normal (File--> Save Technology File) for further customisation, however check that you are saving this to the correct version folder.


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