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How can I add dimension lines? (draft)

Extract from the Knowledge item published by Boss in 2014.

Dimension lines are used on the PCB, I created a PCB Only component accessible from "Add Component".
All the lines drawn are on the documentation layer.
When a dimension line is required simply add it to your PCB as you would any other component, move, rotate and align to the correct position.  Two components are provided which make adding them to your PCB simple.
If you need, simply extend the line using the 'open shape' with the line set to the required width.
Fig 1.

Figure 1. Shows the dimensions lines placed to show the location of the hole from the board corner.

Set the relative origin at the desired reference point and use the cross-hair cursor (Shift+C shortcut toggles through options) to allow easy placement and alignment.
The cursor position is displayed at the bottom of the screen which helps placement or use the shortcut “=” to enter the relative position of the arrow point.
[Edit] V8 provides the full feature measure tool and can be used directly.

V7 and earlier:
Measuring with ‘measure the gap’ tool does not give the expected results when users expect it to be a ruler. However I have designed my measuring arrows with a fine line on the end of the dimension line. This fine line is set to a width of zero, although is still visible. With the dimension arrows in position you can use the measure the gap tool by selecting these fine lines and measure the actual distance (as the lines are zero width).
Fig 2.
The attached zip file contains some basic arrows.
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